Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

It started as a conversation while I was freezing my ass off in the windy city.

“hey!” my best straight friend squeals as if he realizes that I have hair. You should blog about your dates! You won’t go anywhere but you’ll get a chance to relieve the frustrations on a number of people who you will never marry!”

And thus, this is where this blog spawned after being a widely read magazine column.

Chicago is flocking with all kinds of gay men just waiting for… well Let’s just call it a romp in the car

But there are those few who want to go beyond that 30 minute meeting and this is my account of those people along with  reviews, dating tips, and dating vents.

A lot of people ask about blind gay men so I’d thought that I’d share my experiences within the gay world and hopefully that will open up new doors and explain why some are still closed, even to me.

There’s a common belief that I’m totally blind. I’m not. I’m legally blind but I have a cane and use adaptive software and hardware to do whatever I need to do.

I may even get a guide dog in the future, who knows!


One thought on “About”

  1. I have read your blog and I wholeheartedly sympathise with your predicaments. I, too, am a gaymer (not sure if that’s a term in Chicago), and there aren’t a whole lot of those here (I love the Lego games as well). Anyway, I commend you on your ability to deal with these issues and still keep a positive attitude. I have had some doozies (I’m sure you hear that a lot), but now I laugh at them.

    In any event, feel free to message me if you like so we can commiserate. If not, keep updating your blog, and good luck to you. 🙂

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